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How does it work?

Digital clothing vision for the future – photos are used on their social media, Instagram, FB and for their own personal purposes.

Laura Daili avatar in all possible sizes from XXS to XXXL, so the size of the garment is unlimited.

You get 1 special photo in which you dress up with the chosen designer's clothing!

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Send me an email [email protected] your photo. The photo should be of good quality from 1MB to 25MB with good lighting, a standing position, preferred with a tight clothing. After receiving your photo with an email, we will dress you in digital 3D clothing or a 3D accessory of your choice.

We will send your chosen style with 3D clothing back to you. (We guarantee personal information and anonymity.

When you buy a digital 3D garment or accessory in our e-shop, you only buy it in digital format.

Fashion house Laura Daili contributes to the creation of the fashion of the future, in the 3D world, which reduces the use of chemical waste during production.

We believe that there are ways to reduce the aimless consumption of clothing when a physical garment is purchased because of a single photo. So we created a collection of digital clothing to make our consumption more sustainable. In response to global trends, we are gradually moving to Metaverse.

Designer Laura Dailidėnienė started working on digital clothing in 2020 and has already created several clothing collections.

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