About us

Our company

Dailidesign is a fashion design company.  The brand Daili was launched in 2003. Each season Laura Daili kicks up a new collection with its signature label style. Origami owl is the base of Daili sign. Professional fashion designer Laura Dailideniene is a creative force behind the Laura Daili fashion line. Daili collections have been displayed in different exhibitions and fashion shows around the world like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Philadelphia, Lvov, Riga, Chicago, Vienna and Vilnius.

Our team

Daili team is based on a powerful and young movement. We draw inspiration from day life to craft simple but attractive designs. Exclusiveness lies in our pure, minimalistic, Baltic - like concepts.  

 Daili  woman is a young woman, who wants to feel unforgettable.

Laura Daili Vilnius